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For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.’ (Matthew 25:25-36)


Join the Refugee Support Team as we provide practical help and finances to families around the world.


Give clothing, household items or finances to support a refugee family.


Provide transportation, meals, assistance with paperwork, tutoring, and other practical help with a sponsored family.


Accompany a sponsored family to appointments, provide home maintenance, offer help with running errands or grocery shopping.

Buy Groceries. Buy Gas. Support CPR.

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We've been busy! Find our meeting notes and other news here.

Meeting Notes – May 18, 2017

Present: Bonnie Cubitt, Sally Olley, Ken Burns Sharon Beaton, Dan Williams, Kathy Stouffer Dan opened in Prayer. Sohail Sadiq Family Status was upgraded on May 17, 2017 to indicate that the Canadian V[...]

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Meeting Notes – April 24, 2017

CPR Minutes April 20,2017   Present: Bob, Ken and Trudy, Doug, Dorothea, Bonnie, Dan   Dan opened in prayer. Pinewoods insurance needs to be updated to include coverage for Missionary Centra[...]

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Meeting Notes – January 19, 2017

CPR Meeting Notes  January 19, 2017   In attendance: Dan, Sally, Sharon, Ken, Bonnie, Megan   Dan opened in prayer, and then presented the following:   The mission of CPR is to rescue [...]

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Meeting Notes – December 22, 2016

CPR Meeting December 22, 2016 In attendance: Dan, Doug, Megan   Dan opened in prayer.   Dan has been in contact with World Renew re: sponsoring the Nasir Quaisar family though them.  Davi P[...]

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Meeting Minutes – October 21

CPR Minutes October 21, 2016 and follow up to November 10. Present were Sally, Doug, Sharon, Morrison, Bonnie and Dan. Dan read an E-mail from Moses Moini of Mennonite Central Committee SAH stating th[...]

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CPR Meeting Notes – Sep 15

CPR Meeting September 15, 2016 In attendance: Dan, Trudy, Ken, Janni, Morrison, Sally, Kathy, Bob, Megan Dan opened in prayer. He hasn’t yet heard back from Tim Iqbal regarding the current status of[...]

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CPR Meeting Notes – Aug 16

CPR Meeting August 16th, 6pm, Pinewoods Chapel Office   In Attendance: Dan, Kathy, Trudy, Ken, Sally, Bonnie, Bob, Megan, Janni   Dan opened in prayer.   A report on the Potato Festival Booth was g[...]

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July 5 Meeting Minutes

July 5, 2016 Angus Library, 6pm Minutes In Attendance: Dan, Peggy, Bob, Janni, Morrison, Megan Peggy opened in prayer. Dan recapped Sunday’s service with Iqbar.  No update regarding  the sponsorsh[...]

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Listen Online: Tim Iqbal

Tim Iqbal, of the Evangelical Asian Church, spoke this past Sunday at Pinewoods Chapel.  Listen online to him, and Anwar Fazal, share about how God is working and how we can help!   The Persecut[...]

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CPR Meeting Notes – June 21

CPR Minutes June 21, 2012 Attendance: Megan, Bob, Ken and Trudy, Morrison, Dan, Kathy Morrison opened in prayer. Kathy volunteered to pay $20 for library room rental in July. Barket has completed Soha[...]

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